Lockheed C60 Lodestar Transport

 Lockheed Lodestar

The Lodestar was the name given by the RAF to the Lockheed model 18 transport and was equivalent to the C-59 (Mk.I) or C-60 (Mk.II). Lockheed Lodestar. These aircraft were mostly obtained by civil impressement from airlines. Generally, they were used for the transportation of officers, politicians and other VIPs travelling to and around quiet war zones. They were the VIP transport aircraft of the war.

Technical Details
The Lodestar came variously configured with either a crew of four and seating fourteen for the transportation of VIPs or with a crew of two and seating 21 or ordinary staff. It was powered either by a pair of Pratt & Whitney R-1690 Hornet engines or a pair of 1200 hp (880 kW) Wright R-1820-87 engines. Cruising speed was 200.00 mph (322.00 Km/H), with a maximum speed of 266.00 mph (428.00 km/h), the operational ceiling was 27,000 - 30,100 ft (8,230 - 9174 m). It's range has been reported to be from 950 miles (1529.00 Km) to 1,660 miles (2,670 km).
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Image From:
D. Best, National Air and Space Museum air photo archives