Canadian Air Aces and Heroes

Canadian Air Aces and Heroes


William George "Billy" Barker, VC, DSO*, MC**, CdeG, Star of Valour (It)
William Avery "Billy" Bishop,
VC, DSO, MC, CB, DFC, ED, CdeG avec Palme, Legion D'Honneur
Arthur Roy Brown, DSC*
Raymond Collishaw,
DSO*, OBE, DSC, DFC, CdeG , Order of St. Anne 2 cl, Order of St. Stanislas 2 cl, Order of St. Vladimir 4 cl
Donald Roderick MacLaren DSO, DFC, MC*
Andrew McKeever DSO, MC*
Alan McLeod, VC


Russ Bannock, DSO, DFC**
George Beurling, DSO, DFC, DFM*
Lloyd Chadburn, DSO*, DFC, CdeG avec Palme, Legion d'Honneur
James "Stocky" Edwards, DFM, DFC*
John Fauquier, DSO**, DFC
Robert Hampton "Hammy" Gray, VC, DSC, RCNVR
Irving Farmer "Hap" Kennedy, DFC*
Robert "Buck" McNair, DSO, DFC**, CdeG avec Palme, Legion d'Honneur
Andrew Charles "Andy" Mynarski, VC
Percival Stanley "Stan" Turner, DSO, DFC*, CdeG avec Palme, War Cross (Czech), Medal for Bravery (Czech)
Vernon "Woody" Woodward, DFC*


J.A. Omer Levesque, DFC (US), AM (US)

Featuring the original paintings of Canadian aviation artists, Rich Thistle, Lance Russwurm and Randall Whitcombe.
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There is no glory in war, but there is honour. These pages are dedicated to those Canadians who fought honourably for Canada and her allies in aerial battles of the past, in the hope that there will be no more.

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